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Each of our nine DFW locations staffs at least one Chiropractic Doctor. At Texas Healthcare, we believe that Chiropractic Works!

Our doctors will complete a comprehensive evaluation of each new patient. Based on that assessment and diagnosis, a care plan is developed. Physical modalities, such as electric muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, ultrasound, cryotherapy, massage, manual traction, and moist heat therapy may be utilized throughout a treatment plan. Chiropractic adjustment is a vital part of many care plans. Also called spinal manipulation, adjustments help to reduce pain, speed the healing process, and improve your body’s overall physical function.


While our Chiropractic physicians play a vital role in the healing process of our patients, they are just one facet of our multi-disciplinary team.

Medication can assist the achievement of treatment plan goals. Decreasing pain, reducing swelling, and aiding sleep are all benefits of a proper medication regiment.


For our patients who are unable to drive following involvement in a motor vehicle or personal injury accident, we proudly offer free transportation.

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